Overcoming Food Addictions

I struggle with eating healthy, especially around the holidays. But if I’m honest, my war isn’t with food. After all, I know I need food to live. My battle is most often in my own head.

These are just a few things I’m planning to do each day, to overcome my war with food:

  1. Enjoy berries, apples, oranges, as a treat (they’re so decadent!)
  2. Enjoy the fresh, energetic feeling of eating healthy
  3. Avoid gluten products (gluten products seem to cause a toxic reaction in my system, weight gain, hunger, elevated blood sugar, cravings)
  4. Fasting (intermittently) after 2:30pm results in a wonderful “light” feeling
  5. Weight loss is easy and inevitable when eating low-carb
  6. Healthy foods are delicious
  7. Low-carb is easy and maintenance is just a matter of eating healthy
  8. Sugary sweets aren’t always as delicious as I think they’ll be. (the sickly sweetness often disappoints)

What are some things you’ve noticed about eating healthy? Do you struggle like me? Have you learned any tricks to overcome your own food addictions? Please share in the comments below!

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